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CHEMICAL PICTURES - sekai o utta otoko no THEME -Roundabout Satellite-

title : 世界を撃った男のテーマ -Roundabout Satellite-
artist: ケミカルピクチャーズ
music : chemical pictures
source: peffy (from booklet scan by The Reverend)

No matter where we're standing on this earth, you're always at the other
end, it's too far away. All we made or wrote down or depicted, like a lost
love song to the universe, reaches no one, there is no one to hear it, or so
i believe for now. So when he broke it all, did those pieces take a
journey, on a roundabout satellite?
They come right back down. What do we do with
feelings returned back to their origin?
Line up the ragged edges and make a new world.
To the end of all time.
Do we have to do this on our own?
Maybe if we just stand still, all comes
into sharp focus...


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