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Mogamigawa Tsukasa - matsupoiyo English Ver.

title : まつぽいよ English Ver.
artist: 最上川司
lyrics: 最上川司 / English: KURIS
music : 最上川司
source: J-Lyric (edited by peffy)

Far away from my home
As the years go by
Even now I'm making my way
Down this cold and lonely road
Looking back at my parents on the platform as I go
Their letter in my hand, I bid them my farewell
And in the letter was a golden coin
All my tears began to flow

Oh my father's echoing voice
Sounding ever bright
Oh my mother's gentle love
And her warm embrace
Aah ~ matsupoi poi poi poi matsupoi poi poi poi
Going to my dream
Aah ~ shining ever bright

Every time I drink
I recall her name
All my friends they know how I longed
For that girl that I used to know
Feeling so low, I let my heart escape into the wind
And all the times I cried for her to not let go
Yet for the man who lost the woman that he loves
He is never on his own

Oh my treasured glory days
Shining ever bright
Oh my brothers far away
Will we meet again?
Aah ~ matsupoi poi poi poi matsupoi poi poi poi
Longing to go home
Aah ~ shining ever bright

As I look up into the hazy urban midnight sky
A shooting star will fall again for every wish
And if I go to sleep the morning light will come
And the fight will rise again

In my heart is always my home
Shining ever bright
And I know forevermore
Love will not forget
Aah ~ matsupoi poi poi poi matsupoi poi poi poi
Within the wind
Within my dream
Aah ~ shining ever bright


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