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GANGLION - Go Straight On Your Way

title : Go Straight On Your Way
artist: GANGLION
lyrics: sagara / English translation: Yuko Shigeno
music : GANGLION
source: peffy (from booklet scan by Nea Amano)

What do you want? What do you need?
Don't make any excuses. Can't believe your sincerity.
You've locked yourself in an empty room.
Don't escape from reality.

Find your way
Even if it takes your whole life thru.
Go your own way
No matter what you must do.
From here, right away,
Don't look back.

Nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to stay.
Though I'll be on your side,
You really gotta stand on your own feet.

There can be dreams when you believe.
Who knows what the dreams you can achieve.
Never forget them. From now on.

Find your way
All the things we are, everything we feel become
the staff of life we need.
Go straight on your way to the limit, to the wall.
You'll risk it all so don't look back.



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