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Shiina Ringo - niwatori to hebi to buta

title : 鶏と蛇と豚
artist: 椎名林檎
lyrics: 椎名林檎
music : 椎名林檎
source: J-Lyric

Thinking of sweetness, stuffed myself even more
Afraid it'd run out, had to get even more
Dripping with honey, ran to store even more
Gorging, got nauseous, vomited everywhere

I thought that full was something better
Detestable is how it feels
Why must this be?

The honey used to taste delightful
Was it a poison actually
There to trap me?

Am I cursed? I've slighted no one
And I'm sure I know myself
The best so something's not right

This self is the only thing I love
To hear, to smell, to see, to touch
To taste is irreplaceable, no less


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