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CHEMICAL PICTURES - sekai o utta otoko no THEME -Artbreaker-

title : 世界を撃った男のテーマ -Artbreaker-
artist: ケミカルピクチャーズ
music : chemical pictures
source: peffy (from booklet scan by The Reverend)

Come on and get in line
Let's see those coins and bills

Step right up, don't be shy, i've got a deal you can't refuse
Better act now without delay
I busted every single art into a million pieces
each one more jagged than the last

You can own some history
No I won't tell you my secrets
Let's just say I have my ways of creeping into galleries

Going once and going twice
Sold to the wide-eyed little one
Make the check out to "Artbreaker", don't you miss a single cent
Get yours while supplies last, operators are standing by
I take cash or credit lines, I take favors, I take souls


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